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A Christmas Story

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Down through the ages the story is told,
Of Angels and shepherds and wise men of old,
Of a child that was born,
On that first Christmas Day,
In a time long ago, in a land far away,
That very story reads of joys that he brought,
Of peace that he gave, and the message he taught,
And that very same message, so old yet so new,
Be a source of true joy, and contentment to you,
So here’s to our Christmas,
We’re sure having fun,
the old year is ending the new one will come,
And then let’s remember,
Our comrades and friends,
With a sigh and a prayer,
God rest them “Amen”
And from me happy Christmas

Margaret Emsley

Published Sun 15th Jan 2017 11:39:48
Last Modified on Sun 15th Jan 2017 11:39:48

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