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It’s Written On Your Face.

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Have you ever noticed that you can often tell peoples characters from the expression on their faces? Some folk positively radiate confidence and cheerfulness, while others always have a look of indifference on their faces. This thought came to me recently when I read a little story about an early President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

One day with a group of companions, Jefferson was travelling cross country on horseback. They were stopped in their tracks when they came to a river in full flood, which had overflowed its banks and the bridge across had been washed away. The next bridge over the river was several miles away and there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t also have been washed away. Having discussed the pros and cons, the party decided to try crossing the river on horseback, although this would still be difficult and dangerous due to the rapid currents.

A man standing nearby, part of another party held up by the floods, approached Jefferson and asked if he would mind taking him across on his horse. He explained that he didn’t have enough confidence in his own ability to cross safely. Jefferson immediately agreed and the pair crossed the river safely.

As they stood on the opposite bank waiting for the rest of the party to follow, one of the groups asked the stranger, “Why did you choose the President to carry you across”? This came as a great shock to the man who replied, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t know he was the President, all I know is that on all your faces was written the answer “No” but on his face was written the answer a resounding “Yes.” I could see as soon as I asked for his help that his was without a doubt a yes face.”

Wouldn’t it be a blessing, if we all had “Yes faces” too?

Published Fri 13th Jan 2017 20:11:45
Last Modified on Fri 13th Jan 2017 20:11:45

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