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Heed The Warnings.

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It was 1925 when there was a very unusual encounter at sea. A battleship was on fleet manoeuvres on a pitch black night with driving rain and very heavy seas, when the lookout reported to the officer of the watch that there was a light dead ahead and they were on a collision course. He reported this to the captain who told the signalman to send a message, “We are on collision course, advise you alter course twenty degrees to port.” Minutes later came the reply, “No, I advise you to change your course immediately.” At this point the admiral came onto the bridge and asked what the problem was, he told the signalman to send this message, “I am an admiral of the fleet and we are on manoeuvres, unless you alter course twenty degrees to port immediately, I may be forced to open fire on you.” He looked at the captain with a smile and said, “I bet that soon shakes him up.” A full two minutes went by before they received a reply which said, “I hate to spoil your fun admiral, but I am a lighthouse and I am unable to change course, so I suggest you change your course twenty degrees to port immediately, or you may not be an admiral for much longer.”

It’s always foolhardy to ignore beacons that warn you of danger. When God sends you a warning telling you to change course, if you’re wise you won’t argue, but will do it with some haste. Has God been dealing with you over something in your life that’s wrong, but you keep resisting him, or putting off dealing with it?

Things will only go right in your life when you turn to Him instead of away from Him.

“There are three marks of a superior man:
Being virtuous, he is free from anxiety:
Being wise, he is free from perplexity:
Being brave, he is free from fear: Confucius.

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