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Saint John Henry Newman

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Parish SVP Report

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Dear Parishioners,

The Conferences at Corpus Christi, St. Gregory’s and St. Theresa’s would like to thank you all for your continued support to the Society. We regularly receive donations for which we are truly grateful. It is these donations that allow us to help people less fortunate than ourselves – so thank you again.

Every year September is dedicated to SVP awareness month. I hope you enjoyed the posters on our noticeboard and information which was given out and in the bulletin.

When the SVP started, almost 200 years ago, poverty was very visible and the SVP was innovative in that it went out to people in need, visiting them in their homes. This face to face help remains fundamental to the SVP’s ethos, to seek and find those who are in need, in whichever way that may be. The support the Society brings offers practical help as well as friendship, comfort and the love that springs from Jesus Christ.

In September in BJHN parish we celebrate 60 years of the society working in the church of St. Gregory the Great. In St. Theresa’s the society started in 1936 and in Corpus Christi 1942. We are blessed that these groups have continued and thrived over such a long period of time and remember with fondness many of the men and women who have served in each conference over these many years.

We wish to continue for many years to come and we can only do this with new members. It is quite some years now since we have welcomed new members to any of the conferences and during this time members have retired, moved away and sadly passed away. We are fortunate that our parish is a very proactive one with so many groups, organisations, clubs and societies for people of our parish. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a group in each of the churches and also a worldwide organisation, with conferences in over 150 countries and in the region of some 80,000 members. In the Leeds Diocese there are 63 conferences. Our Mission is to seek and find those in need and in BJHN we wish to be true to our Mission :

  • Visiting the sick and housebound
  • Visiting patients in hospital
  • Supporting families of prisoners
  • Supporting low income families
  • Visiting residential and nursing homes
  • Supporting the homeless
  • Supporting the unemployed
  • Supporting lone parents
  • Thank you and God Bless

St. Vincent de Paul Society: Blessed John Henry Newman Parish.

Gaynor Markham

Published Tue 4th Oct 2016 15:37:56
Last Modified on Tue 4th Oct 2016 16:05:19

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