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Three Magic Words for Married Life

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Married life is such a beautiful thing, and we must treasure it always, treasure the children. . . . There are three words that always need to be said, three words that need to be said at home: may I, thank you, and sorry.

The three magic words.

May I, so as not to be intrusive in the life of the spouses. May I, but how does it seem to you? May I, please allow me.

Thank you, to thank oneís spouse: thank you for what you did for me, thank you for this. That beauty of giving thanks!

And since we all make mistakes, that other word, which is a bit hard to say but which needs to be said: sorry.

Please, thank you, and sorry. With these three words, with the prayer of the husband for the wife and vice versa, by always making peace before the day comes to an end, marriage will go forward. The three magic words, prayer, and always making peace.

óGeneral Audience, St. Peterís Square, April 2, 2014

Fr. G.

Published Tue 4th Oct 2016 15:18:28
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