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Putting the World To Rights.

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Have you ever met a friend or neighbour in the street and stopped for a little chat and end up discussing some topical event in the newspaper, or on television. Arriving home late, you are asked, “Why have you been so long?” and your reply is usually, that you met someone and you have been “Putting the world to rights.”

This reminds me of the story of a small boy on the school holidays, who was becoming tired of playing with his usual toys and he went and asked his dad for something new to do as he was getting bored. His dad was busy sorting through some old books and magazines and was puzzled for the moment what to suggest, it was raining outside so he couldn’t suggest playing in the garden. Then he happened to turn the page of an old magazine and found a coloured map of the world printed on one side of a page. Knowing his son liked puzzles, this gave him an idea and finding some scissors he cut out several different shaped pieces to make a jigsaw puzzle. Mixing the pieces up he placed them on the hearthrug and said, “There you are son, see if you can piece this map together.” Within a few minutes a little voice announced, “Look dad I’ve finished it.” His father was amazed and asked,”How on earth did you manage to finish it so quickly?” The little lad replied, “Well you see dad, on the other side of the map was the face of a man and I knew that if I put him together all right, I would have put the world right too.”

Oh! if only it were that easy......

“Faith, is looking at the sky, seeing a sunset and then knowing who to thank for it.”
“Lord, give us Faith in what God can achieve. Courage, to suffer life’s hardships and Love in our heart – always.”

Published Fri 9th Sep 2016 22:25:52
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