The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

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Saints and Sinners.

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For this week’s story we travel to New York and a parish priest has just finished celebrating a Lenten Mass, his parish is set in an area which is a haven for the homeless, alcoholics and drug users, it is the sort of area where even the police patrol in pairs. Although not very warm, it is a lovely spring evening and the priest decides to go for a little stroll. He had not walked far from his church when he felt something hard pressed into his back and a voice ordered, “Hand over your wallet if you know what’s good for you.” The priest said, “There are only a few dollars in my wallet, but you are welcome to them my son ”The youth who had been standing behind him, came forward and seeing the priest’s collar he said, “I’m terribly sorry father, I never rob priests.” The priest said he was on his way to a local diner and persuaded the youth to put away his gun and join him for coffee and doughnuts. Reaching the diner they started talking and the more they talked, the more the priest was convinced that the lad wasn’t all bad, but was the victim of circumstances. Over their third cup of coffee, the priest said, “I have some favours owed to me, if I can call one in and find you a job, will you promise me to give up your life of crime.” The lad thought about this proposal for a while before smiling, nodding his head in agreement and saying “Yes okay father, I promise.” To conclude the deal the priest brought out a packet of cigarettes, took one out and offered the pack to the youth. Again, the youth smiled and said, “No thanks father, I gave up smoking for Lent” Yes we are all the same aren’t we? We are all Saints and Sinners.

Today, focus on all the contributions others have made in shaping your life.
All of us work as a team, helping where we can and lending support where we can.

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