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Saint John Henry Newman

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Here Today And Gone Tomorrow .

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There was once a farmer who had everything you could desire; he had a beautiful home, a loving wife, and three beautiful children, large amounts of land, herds of cattle and a nice little nest egg in the bank. He appeared to have an idyllic lifestyle and everything you could wish for. One day a stranger appeared on his farm and tried to tell him about the life to come.”What do you know about the life to come?” demanded the irate farmer. The stranger replied,” I know all about the life to come, because I am an angel and I’ve been sent by God to save your soul and offer you eternal life.” “What utter rubbish,” said the farmer, “You’re no more an angel than I am, besides angels always have wings and you certainly haven’t.” “Not all angels have wings,” said the stranger, “Some of us look just like you.” He tried again to convince him, “You may think that you have everything you need for this life, but what of the life to come? Do you have all that you will need then?”

But the man refuses to listen to him, he is quite happy with what he already has, his home, his wife, his children, his farm and all his cattle. The man says to himself “The life to come is a long way away and I am fairly young, I’ll live for years yet and I’m going to spend all my time enjoying myself, with all I can eat and all I can drink and I’ll think about everlasting life some other time.” Shortly afterwards someone else comes to visit him at his farm, this time it is the angel of death.

The man cries out with fear, ”Go away, I’m not ready yet.” But death says to him, “You are a fool, you were offered salvation, but you didn’t want to know and now God wants your soul, this very night.”

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breath more;
talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things will be yours.

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