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Parish Pastoral Council for Blessed John Henry Newman 19th May 2016

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Meeting was chaired by Sheelagh Pickles (The Chair).
The meeting started with a Prayer prepared by Ben Science
Apologies from Lisa Valentine-Jonsson, Alison Armitage, Deacon Tom Marshall, Sheila Kennedy

Minutes from previous meeting were read and were agreed to be correct.

  • Target the children and ask them to complete a questionnaire about what they want - To be arranged by Fr Emmanuel and Josephine Abby Phillips.

    Josephine reported that our 3 schools were targeted. Corpus Christi High school returned 77 (100 given out) St Theresa’s returned 6 (60 given out) despite requests to return them from the weekly newsletter and Corpus Christi primary 55 (60 given out). Data analysis breakdown was given by Josephine as follows: Both Corpus Christi schools felt the music was depressing. Primary would like to be more involved in church. Many only attend church only a few times a year.
    A lot want food / refreshment after Mass
    Get engaged with people not to be rushed home with parents after Mass.
    Youth Club and football clubs
    Children would like to get more involved in the church which would then bring back their parents.
    Recommendations were made re possible funding for the sport events. Provide food free of charge and announce in the notices that juice is available for the children. (Action point)
    Should this now be fed into the Family & Youth Ministry group? It was felt this would be good for the forthcoming event on the 26th June.
    It was agreed that a letter (Action point) should be prepared by the PPC and sent to the parents of the young people who completed the questionnaire thanking the children for completing and returning the forms. An invitation to the children who have shown interest at being involved should be sent inviting them to be get involved in the big event on the 26th June.
    Other local Christian churches have “Messy Church” and this may be something we could look at or possibly working together with the other churches in our area. Would it be in all our 3 churches?
    We should see how the Family Mass goes and then follow on from there. Fr Emmanuel Josephine & Ben to move this on. (Action point)
  • Pilgrimage Guide around our churches during the Year of Mercy - Report back from Ben Science and Marion Waller.
    Ben has collected a copy from the church in Sheffield to see about how they had set up a pilgrimage.
    Fr Paul & Ben are to look at a pilgrimage to the Cathedral. (Action point)
    During the recent Mission at CC College they had decorated the 2 main doors and the door frame in the
    church with little boxes with prayer intentions. This looked very impressive and it is possibly something
    which the children could do again. This could be done over a period of time. Refer to Anna Cowell for how
    this was done. This to be referred back to Paddy Bradley and try to co-ordinate something for the near
    future. (Action point by Ben) This to be opened during Mass times and then closed at the end of the Year of
    Mercy with a special service.

Youth & Family Ministry Update from Patrick Bradley

  • A report was received from Patrick Bradley and read at the meeting.
    Liturgy of Youth Mass took place on the 8th March. A date has been put in the diary for the big event for Sunday 26th June.
    A preparation day for the Mass at St Theresa’s primary school has been arranged for the 11th June. More help is needed in all areas. The preparations have been split into 3 groups who are meeting and preparing different areas. Activities and picnic on the day is also being considered which will keep people there after the Mass.
    Fr Paul suggests there is a final meeting after the meeting on the 11 th June. (Action point)
  • First Holy Communion at St Gregory’s with actions was very well received.

Year of Mercy – What can we do as a parish?

Fr Paul advised the group he is planning something for mid-June to end mid-July on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be based on the film 'Les Miserables'. First week you watch the film at which you identify 5 characters and then discuss a different character each week over a 5 week period. It was agreed this would be accepted by many in the parish.

Listening to and engaging with Parishioners

Deacon Sean reported that 2 meeting have already taken place at Corpus Christi & St Gregory’s. Corpus Christi there was 9 parishioners and St Gregory’s 7 parishioners in attendance plus some PPC members. Welcoming was said to be lacking in some areas. Benediction & Novena were suggested.
St Theresa’s meeting is on the 9 th June.
Fr Paul thanked Deacon Sean who led the meetings for the excellent way they were delivered. Those who attended enjoyed the meetings. Sheelagh was very disappointed with the low response. Low response could be that they are happy with the way the parish is run and what is going on.

Catholic Alpha Course

Fr Paul explained what the course could do. He thinks it will add to the Journey in Faith course. Catholic Alpha seems to focus more on knowing Jesus whereas the JIF Course focuses rather more on Catechetics. Many who start the JIF course are coming with knowing nothing. There is a preliminary meeting in July. Paul Lawson, Sheelagh & Tony Pickles, Elizabeth Holdsworth and Fr Paul will be attending this meeting.

Guest Speaker Rachel Walker - Growing old Gracefully Project – Dementia Friendly Parish

There was an excellent meeting, attended by 20 parishioners at Corpus Christi on May 18th May. Individuals who attended became a Dementia Friend. Rachel has sent a thank you notice and photo for the church notice boards.
More details were brought away from the meeting by Sheelagh on how we can become a Dementia Friendly Parish.
Rachel is prepared to help us move forward to become a Dementia Friendly Parish if we would like to move this forward. Sheelagh to circulate the papers for the PPC to consider this venture for the next meeting. (Action point)

Deacon Sean advised the meeting that 16 people attended the recent meeting on Mental Health issues. There is another meeting on the 19thJune. Deacon Sean sees this a being a regular event. There is a possibility of a workshop day bringing in other organisations for an information day.

PPC Reflection meeting & Social 16th June

Consideration was given to going out to another venue. Some said they enjoyed the service here in the church followed by a social gathering in the presbytery. It was agreed to follow same format as last year.


First Holy Communion visiting:
Fr G visited the families of the children who attend non-Catholic schools. The visits were very fruitful.
Philip Dyson visited with Fr Emmanuel and the experience was as good as last year. They asked the First Holy Communion child to read the prayer.
Some of the details on the sheets were incorrect.

First Holy Communion photos could it be considered that they be put into the churches at the time of enrolment and include all the children’s photos from across the parish. Fr Paul said he would take this to the schools for consideration for next year. (Action point)

Confirmation: Very well attended and received. The Bishop thought the Mass was very spiritual. An evening for the young people for our parish when they will receive their certificates will be arranged on the 12th June.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.43pm

Prayers for the next meeting will be prepared by Sr. Nora

Next Meeting
14th July 7.00pm

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