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The Meaning Of Life

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I bet you didn’t know that there is a medical condition called “Active Inertia.” It often occurs when we insist on doing things that no longer make any sense and can in some cases be detrimental to our health, our family and our spiritual wellbeing. This goes on until we reach a crisis point in our lives.

A business man spent all his time working and rarely had any time to spend with his teenage daughter. His wife had died three years before and to help cope with his grief he had thrown himself into running his business and making money, whilst neglecting the needs of his daughter. One day his daughter decided she had had enough of being ignored and ran away to London and over a period of time she was sucked into a life of alcohol, drugs and eventually prostitution. When her father had heard nothing from her for some months he took time off work and went to look for his daughter, without any success. He then hired private detectives telling them to spare no expense in looking for his beloved daughter. It is a sad case because all his daughter had ever asked of him was to show some love and affection, but he was too busy making money to care, until it was too late.

Then there is the young couple who were far too busy with their own careers to spend time with each other, but suddenly find massive amounts of time for counselling, lawyers and legal bills when they find out that their marriage has fallen apart and divorce looms. Part of the pleasure of reading a good book lies in not knowing how it will end until we reach the very last page. But real life has urgency so different from fiction, as the ending cannot be changed. The real meaning of our lives is that one day it will suddenly stop. We will never work out how we should live our lives unless we understand the significance of the fact that one day it will end. We should all pause and ask ourselves what we are doing or not doing with our lives right here and now, that may lead us to regrets later on. Remember! life is always played in a forward direction; there is definitely no going back.

Whenever we cling too tightly to anything, we become uptight and so do the people around us.
Change is the only promise that life holds, so learn to flow with the tide of life.

Published Fri 22nd Apr 2016 19:00:17
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