The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Mary, Mother of God.

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There is a little story told, that one day God was making a tour of Heaven, checking out the recent arrivals. He was dismayed at the quality of those who had been allowed in and strode off to see St Peter, the gatekeeper. “What’s the meaning of this?” God asked. “You’ve let me down rather badly, how did all these people manage to get in past you, with you monitoring the gate all the time?” Peter smiled and said, “It’s nothing to with me Lord, as fast as I turned them away at the front gate, they went round the back and your mother let them all in.”

Often, during a busy day, I pause for a moment and silently pray.
I mention the names of those that I love and treasured friends I am fondest of.
For it doesn’t matter where we pray, if we honestly mean the words we say.
For God always hear, the prayers that are made from a heart that’s really sincere.

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