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Live Before You Die.

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The plane was heading for New York, normally a routine and very boring flight, but this time it proved to be very different. As they were on their decent pattern and the pilot tried to lower the landing gear, all that happened was a series of alarms telling him that the landing gear was not engaging. He fiddled with the controls in an effort to dislodge the offending landing gear and get it to lock into place, but without any success. He then had no alternative but to declare a state of emergency and ask ground control for landing instructions. As the plane circled the airport in an effort to use up more fuel, emergency crews coated the runway with foam, while fire engines and other emergency vehicles moved into position. Meanwhile the passengers were told of the emergency they now faced and flight attendants glided about the cabin with an air of cool reserve, as passengers were instructed to place their heads between their knees and hold tight onto their ankles, just before the moment of impact.

There were tears, panic and cries of despair to be heard in the cabin at this point as the aircraft circled once more, before it began its landing approach. When touchdown was only minutes away the pilot made this calm announcement over the intercom, “We are now beginning our final decent and in accordance with the aviation code established in Geneva, it’s my obligation to inform you that if any of you believe in God, now would be a very good time to start praying.”

Yes, this is only one of my stories, but what is the message it tells us all?
Do not worry about tomorrow, for you do not know what today will bring. Live every day and wring every drop of love out of it. Love and enjoy the people who matter and take another step towards your goal and the fulfilment of God’s plan for your life.
In other words, before you die, remember to live!
“Everyone expects life to be easy, but all noble things are as difficult as they are rare.”

Published Sun 7th Feb 2016 12:24:57
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