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Driving To Heaven

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As a driving instructor many years ago, I’ve heard all the old myths about lady drivers being not as good as us men, in some cases this is true, but in most cases this is rubbish... except for today’s story that is.

A man was driving his car along a busy road when he noticed the car behind driving right up his boot. This annoyed him, so he slowed down a bit, but the woman driver behind was obviously in a hurry as she immediately blew her horn at him. The man increased his speed until he was driving at the legal limit, but the woman wasn’t impressed with this also and whilst still driving too close she again sounded her horn. They approached a set of traffic lights on amber and as the front car slowed to a stop, there was a screech of brakes as the car behind nearly ran in to back of him. At this the woman driver went absolutely ballistic, blowing her horn, shouting profanities and gesturing with her fingers at the other driver. This scene of motoring chaos was interrupted by a series of flashing blue lights lighting up the ladies rear window, there is a tap on her window and looking up she sees a officer gazing at her sternly.

She is arrested and taken to the police station on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle and placed in a cell while inquiries are made. After a couple of hours, the arresting officer takes her to an interview room, where he points out the bad driving he had witnessed earlier that day. He said, “I pulled up behind your vehicle and saw you blowing your horn, using obscene gestures and shouting foul language at the top of your voice.” “The reason I arrested you was because you had a sticker on your bumper saying, “What would Jesus do?” One on your back window saying, “Jesus loves you” and another which said, “Jesus is Lord,” so I naturally assumed you were driving a stolen vehicle, as a true Christian could never have behaved like this could they?”

Obviously the police officer had followed a Christian, who wasn’t doing a very good job of following Christ and professing their faith in any way. You have to try and live it.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Published Sat 23rd Jan 2016 14:10:02
Last Modified on Sat 23rd Jan 2016 14:10:41

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