The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


Read 1000 Times
1. The story is a story of abundance, the abundance of the blessings God gives us. How have you been aware of the abundance of Godís blessings? Let the memories lead you to prayer of thanks and praise for the times in your life when that joy and fulfilment have been very real to you.

2. John uses a number of images (marriage, wine, feast, etc.) to symbolise the abundance of Godís love. What are your favourite images of the abundance of Godís love and blessings?

3. The hour of Jesus had not yet come when the glory of God would be fully revealed, yet even so something of the glory of God was revealed in the sign that took place. For us also the revelation of the full glory of God lies in the future, but we do get glimpses along the way. Recall some of the signs that have revealed to you something of the glory of God, e.g., nature, art, friendship, etc.

4. Mary/Jesus. It is interesting to note that despite the apparent rebuff, Mary is the first person in the narrative to show (at the level of the action of the story) that the correct response to the presence of Jesus is to trust in him. When have you trusted in the word of Jesus like that? What relationships do you have that you can trust like that? Do you recall times when your trust was rewarded even when you had been initially disappointed?

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