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A Born Again Christian.

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Iím sure we would all agree that the most important convert to Christianity must surely be St Paul. He found God on the road to Damascus, a meeting that was to change his whole life. The following humorous little story is all about a most unusual convert:

Far, far way in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, two prawns were happily swimming around in the deep blue sea. One prawn was called Justin and the other Christian, but they had a problem, they were constantly being harassed and threatened by sharks that inhabited the area. Finally, one day Christian said to his friend, Iím fed up with being a humble prawn and I wish I was a large shark instead and then I wouldnít have any more worries about being eaten.

Just then a large mysterious cod appeared and said to the little prawn, ďI heard your request and your wish has been granted.Ē Immediately, Christian turned into an enormous shark and horrified, his friend Justin swam away from him for fear of being eaten by his old friend. Time passed and Christian found that it was very lonely being a shark, for all his old friends used to swim away from him and hide in the rocks when they saw him coming. Then one day whilst he was swimming all alone near the sea bed, he saw the mysterious cod in the far distance. Quickly he approached the cod and asked if it was possible to be changed back into a prawn again. The cod agreed and with a flick of its tail it disappeared and he suddenly found that he had been changed back into a prawn once more.

Seeing his old friend Justin hiding in the reef, he called out to him, ďJustin, donít be afraid itís me and Iím no longer a large hungry shark, you see that was the old me, but I have since found cod and now Iím a Prawn again Christian.Ē

A very strange story about an unusual convert indeed, but when we come to Mass and accept the Holy sacraments each Sunday, we also accept Godís forgiveness and then surely we must all become born again Christians as well.

ďItís very satisfying to always do the right thing. Whenever you do you will always stand tall and feel good. We always know the difference between right and wrong. So always try to live in the light of right.Ē

Published Sat 16th Jan 2016 00:27:03
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