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Beware Of Strangers Bearing Gifts

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Two school friends bump into each other in a busy shopping centre; they hadn’t seen each other for many years and over a cup of coffee they explained to each other what had been happening in their lives. The first man said that he was married with three children and felt that he was reasonably successful in his life. He had worked for a number of computer firms and had then started his own computer company employing eight staff, which up to now had been highly successful. He had recently moved into a luxury apartment in a prestigious development nearby. The second man said he wasn’t quite so successful but he had a loving wife and two beautiful children, both at school. Upon leaving school he had found a job with a local engineering company and stayed with them for many years, working his way up to be the office manager.

The first man who was anxious to show off his new apartment said, “Why don’t you and your wife come over for dinner at the weekend, I’m sure our two wives will find plenty to talk about?” “That would be great,” said the other man, “But where do you live?” “Here’s my address,” said the first man handing over his business card. “Let’s make it about 8.00pm on Saturday evening. Now when you arrive, park round the back in the visitors parking area, then walk round to the front door and kick it open with your foot. Then go to the lift and press the button with your left elbow for the sixth floor, when you reach the sixth floor, my door’s the second along on your left, with my name upon it, then press the bell with your right elbow and I will let you in.”

“That all seems fine,” said his pal, “But what’s all this business of kicking open doors and pressing buttons with my elbows?” His friend seemed taken aback by this comment and said, ”Well surely you weren’t thinking of coming to a dinner party empty handed, were you?”

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
Even a genius doesn’t have all the answers, no one ever does.
Keep moving in the direction of your goals and most mysteries will be resolved”.

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