The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Unto Us A Child Is Born

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God sent the little Christ Child, so that man might understand “That a little child shall lead them, to the unknown promised land.”

For God in His great wisdom, knew that men would rise to power And forget His Holy precepts, in their great triumphal hour.

He knew that they would question and doubt the Holy birth And turn their time and talents to the pleasures of this earth.

But every new discovery is an open avenue to more and greater mysteries and man’s search is never through.

For man can never fathom the mysteries of the Lord Or understand His promise of a heavenly reward.

For no one but a little child, with simple faith and love Can lead man’s straying footsteps to higher realms above.

“Today, light will shine on us, for the Lord is born to us. He will be called Wonderful God, Prince of Peace and Father of the World to come.”

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