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White smoke at the driving test centre!

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Fr. Emmanuel passed his UK driving test on Thursday 10th September! After his arrival to the UK, it was necessary for him to pass his driving test here to be able to drive. Following driving lessons with parishioner and Driving Instructor Damian Heaney, he overcame the challenge and achieved his goal. For those who remember his homily at the Maundy Thursday Mass, you will recall he made reference to the number of road signs in the UK which are in some cases extensive and were a real feat for him to overcome. But overcome these he did and much more!

Fr. Emmanuel wishes to express his appreciation to everyone who has used their time and resources to give him many lifts throughout the parish. He says there is no need to avoid him on the road anymore!

Fr Emanuel with his pass certificate

Published Tue 10th Nov 2015 18:16:28
Last Modified on Tue 10th Nov 2015 18:42:39

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