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Beggar my neighbour

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We've all seen them - beggars on the streets of Leeds and in most big towns and cities.
What's your reaction?

Do you, without question, drop some money into the cap or cup which they have placed in front of them? Or do you think about the possibility that they only want the money for drink or drugs? We hear and read such stories in the media. Therefore it's better that we don't give them any money.

There are also stories about 'professional' beggars who park their car round the corner and sit down on the pavement in their scruffy clothes. They reputedly 'make' hundreds of pounds every week.

Of course, it is likely that many of those begging on the streets are in genuine need. St. George's Crypt certainly thinks so.

They have been running a very successful scheme "Give Me Some Credit" since 2013. The vouchers come in a pack of 5 for £5, can be given to someone begging and redeemed at St. George's Care Centre in return for a meal, use of their facilities and access to their services.

All the services are provided free and this scheme gives a helping hand to all those who may not be aware of St. George's and are thus driven to beg.

It also acts as a deterrent for anyone who is begging as a method of employment. The vouchers are available in St. George's shops, cafes and help centres, Leeds Building Society outlets and some libraries.

Jim Cohen

Published Tue 10th Nov 2015 18:15:31
Last Modified on Tue 10th Nov 2015 19:32:43

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