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New School ClipartPossible New School! Still no news on the new school front but we have now had the scoping studies completed and we are awaiting the Government’s response, which should be published sometime this term. We are hoping for a new school but at the very least we should get a significant refurbishment!

Sporting Success! You’ll be fed up of hearing about our sporting success but we did have a fabulous year last year. I will mention the Bishop’s Cup though as that was the one trophy I was very keen to win as it is the premier trophy for all our Catholic Schools! We have now won it for three years on the bounce and this obviously makes us very proud of our awesome young people! We also won the Catenian Catholic 7-a-side cup for the first time this year; this event in June hosts 25 schools and 250 children from just about every Catholic school in Leeds. Brilliant day and a great result for us!

Not only did we win the Bishop’s Cup in football, we also won the Bishop’s Cup for Netball too; this again was the first time our school has lifted this trophy and capped a brilliant year for sport.

School Results: Not only have we had unprecedented success on the sports field we have also had one of our best years for attainment too... across the whole school! We are now at or above National Averages for all our subjects in all areas, as can be seen from the results below:

EYFS Good Level of Development: 73% in 2015; this is well above National Averages and shows that our children make a very good start, especially given their starting points at the beginning of Nursery!

Year 1 Phonics: The Year 1s (Aged 5-6) sit a formal Phonics test in the summer and this year 90% of our children passed this onerous test! This is brilliant and again well above National Averages!!

Key Stage 1 or Infants: The children in Year 2 are assessed against national averages and our pupils have yet again performed very well and are either in line with or exceeding national averages. This is excellent for this cohort as not everyone in the cohort finds their learning easy. Very proud of them:

1,N,A Chart]

Key Stage 2 or Juniors: The Year 6s, or top juniors as some of you might have called them, have also done brilliantly well this year. This is building on their success in 2014. Standards are improving all the time as are pupils’ attitudes to learning and the challenges that come with trying to do your very best all the time. Once again we are immensely proud of all of our young people:

Icon 1447179259_1_2.png

Whitby 2015-16: The Year 6s are getting ready for a new adventure this Autumn! We are going to Whitby in September instead of June! I don’t do change and this is massive for all of us!! We are hoping that the brilliant bonding that comes with being together in Whitby will really galvanise the classes and stimulate lots of excellent writing, reading and creative work when they return! Exciting times.

And finally... well it’s great to be back (I think!) and this is going to be another busy but hopefully fabulous year. I know members of the parish love to hear what the young people are up to and I hope you will hold them all in your prayers as they continue their learning journey this year. God bless you all and...
Until next time, yours in Christ;
John Hutchinson, Head

Published Tue 10th Nov 2015 18:14:19
Last Modified on Tue 10th Nov 2015 20:13:36

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