The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Reasons Why

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Reasons Why

Beauty is only skin deep, so they say!
And, that quote is ok with me.
But just look around you folks
Please tell me what you see
How can you look up towards the sky?
And fail to be amazed
Cotton wool puffball clouds on high
And scarlet sunset swathes
Those rock formations; centuries old
That have stood the test of time
With troughs and peaks of icy cold
That dares all men to climb
The maze of meadows, all shades of green
Those fields of corn , a blazing yellow
Dry stonewalls that intervene
And silver streams that run forever
That is beauty my friend in its wildest form
Yet it changes every season
It thrills my soul with every storm
And confirms my very reason

Pat McLoughlin

Published Tue 10th Nov 2015 18:11:23
Last Modified on Tue 10th Nov 2015 21:16:58

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