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Our Evil World.

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A wise man once said, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.” In order not to sound sexist, I assume good women would also be included in this statement.

No one would be foolish enough as to deny the existence of evil in our world today, where people are attacked in the street, sometimes at knife point in order to steal cash and mobile phones. Stabbings and the use of firearms have become the norm on many of our streets today and in some city centres, violence by young people upon other young people seems to be getting out of control. Due to government cutbacks many police forces are left with a decreased man power to try and deal with the nightly problems they face.

The world is still the same beautiful place that God created and gave to us, so that we might have dominion over it. So what has changed? Surely it is the people who are in it, men, women, teenagers and children are all locked into the relentless drive of consumerism. Every new item that appears on television, our computer screens, or in the high street shops, is an immediate “must have” even if you have to rob or steal to obtain it.

Have we all become victims of progress and our greed for more of the same? Pope John Paul once said, “As the family goes, so does the nation and so does the whole world in which we live.” A famous politician is quoted as saying, ”We should all get back to basics,” but what is more basic than the family unit, which over the years politicians of all sides, by their many failed policies have tried their best to destroy.

In acknowledging the many flaws and evils in our world today, we are acknowledging the flaws and evil within ourselves... for we are that society! All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for those of us who pride ourselves on being good, to take the easy option and do nothing......

“Whenever you are true to yourself, you will also be true to others.
Think about faithfulness and sincerity and how they affect your life.
If someone were unfaithful and insincere with you, what would your reaction be?”

Published Sun 6th Sep 2015 00:35:45
Last Modified on Sun 6th Sep 2015 00:35:45

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