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Tales From Corpus Christi. Creation.

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I’m sure at some time or another we have all met people who are very ant-Christian. I once had an atheist friend who would send me newspaper cutting of any attacks made on the Catholic Church, with a note attached which said, ”I’m hope you will find these interesting reading.”

Which leads me on to my next little story:-

An old preacher was once sitting in a pub having a quiet pint of beer, when a man entered and sat beside him. They struck up a conversation as you do and the man said he was a scientist and seemed most interested when he found out his companion was in fact a preacher. During the course of the conversation he asked the preacher why he believed in the Bible’s version of creation, as he said that there was no proof that God created the universe at all, it defied all known logic.

The preacher smiled, took a sip of his pint and replied:-

“The reason God came from nowhere, is because there wasn’t anywhere for him to come from. Coming from nowhere, he stood on nothing, for there was nowhere for him to stand and standing on nothing he reached out and caught something, when there was nothing to catch. Then he hung that something on nothing and told it to stay there and nobody said a word, because there wasn’t anyone around to say anything. Then God said to himself, “That’s Good!” and all went well. God then decided to create man from the nothing he had left, and again all was well. God then created woman and things went downhill rapidly from then on. Smiling at his companion again, the preacher said, “I hope this answers all your questions from a scientific point of view but if you still have any doubts I’m sure your wife
will have some thoughts on the subject of creation as stated by myself.”

“To know what we do not know, is the beginning of wisdom.
Wise men and women have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
It is this energy for life that ultimately makes someone wise.”

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