The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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1. Jesus distinguishes between food that gives quick satisfaction and food that gives lasting nourishment. It is a mark of wisdom to be able to say ‘no’ to enticing but delusory attractions in order to choose things of lasting value.
From your life experience what advice would you give to another about where things of lasting value are to be found?

2. Jesus reminds his listeners that God is the source of all good things. What difference does it make in your life when you are aware that life, the world, everything you have is gift, and you live in a spirit of gratitude?

3. The work of God is that we ‘believe in the one whom God has sent’.
In what ways has your faith in Jesus enriched and changed your life? How has Jesus satisfied your hungers or quenched your thirsts?

4. As Jesus came down from heaven to give life to the world, so each one of us is here to be a source of life to others.
Think of people who have been a source of life to you, and give thanks for them. For whom have you also been a source of life?

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