The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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1 The story reminds us of how personal prejudices and agendas can block us from listening to the content of what another person has to say, no matter how relevant or wise it is. Perhaps you have experienced this.
What difference has it made to you when you were able to focus on the content of what was being said and leave to one side your own prejudices about the speaker?

2 It has been said that there is nothing as useless as the right advice at the wrong time. We may want to reach out to another, but may be unable to make a useful contribution because at that moment the other person is not ready to be helped. Like Jesus we can ‘do no deed of power’. As Jesus had
to be patient and wait for another opportunity so do we.
What have you learned about the importance of patience in working with other people?

3 The topic of religion can easily bring up prejudices, leading some to dismiss religion as superstition, old hat or based on an outdated world view. Even among believers, prejudice can make it hard for individuals to listen to an alternative way of looking at things, to consider a different way of celebrating liturgy or to live at peace with difference. Yet a closed mind can lead to a stagnant faith.
When have you found that a willingness to consider a different perspective led to a deepening and strengthening of your faith?

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