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The Word This Week ~ 31 May 2015

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First Reading: Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40

There is always a unique sense of vocation at the Baptism Ceremony. God calls us by name. The parents and the Godparents, their family and the Baptism Team all give a sense of family and community, of being part of an incredible and evolving story, salvation history. We walk in the footsteps of those who lived the ‘laws and commandments’ and sacrificed so much so that we ‘may prosper’ today.

Second Reading: Romans 8:14-17

A phrase I heard in seminary was ‘there’s nothing like a well formed yes or a well-formed no’. In other words you don’t fall in between two stools. If we are children of God, we are not slaves, and we are called to live the life we are meant to live. If we are in the right pair of shoes, we can walk many miles in service and love.

Gospel Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

A little bit of hesitation can be good thing. It’s like a safety valve that stops a boiler from overheating. That some of the disciples were hesitant gives us all hope. The problem with the hesitation in our modern world is that there is a fear of proclaiming any message at all. The truth gets strangled in order not to offend. It is the age of the intolerant tolerant.

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