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The need for change

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Have you heard the story about the little frog that was out foraging for food one night and fell into a big hole in the road and couldn’t get out again?

Several of his friends tried to help him but none succeeded in freeing him and finally they gave up and left him there, but they did agree they would come back and bring him some food. This they did for several days, until one day, just after they had left him some food, they heard a noise behind them – and there stood the “trapped” frog. “But we all thought you couldn’t get out of that hole, so how did you manage that?” “Well,” said the frog “I tried and couldn’t get out of that hole, but just as you were leaving, I looked up and saw a big lorry heading right at me – and I suddenly found out that I could after all.”

Sometimes, it’s only when we are forced to make changes in our lives, that we discover that we can do so, as it’s often much easier to live with old problems than to look for new solutions. We must never become so complacent with the way things are, that we fail to accept the challenges that life offers us. Nothing sparks this desire more than the sudden realisation that change is always possible and that we are not alone in our quest for change.

We all need goals to strive for and challenges to meet in our lives and a helping hand at the right time. God’s goal for all of us is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and with this in mind he sent us the Holy Spirit to guide us in our quest, to lead a happy and meaningful life, free from sin.

“The world needs all of us to participate positively and productively in trying to make a better life for everyone. Think of the large issues and avoid the petty useless stuff.”

Published Wed 3rd Jun 2015 16:55:46
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