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Saint John Henry Newman

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1. In the preceding verse Jesus had rebuked the apostles for their lack of faith. Despite this he commissioned them to bring the Good News to the whole world. Witnesses to the Good News do not have to be perfect. There is encouragement to us in this.
To whom have you brought good news? Who has been a messenger of good news to you?

2. Jesus then tells them that their witness will have quite dramatic effects, helping people to overcome demons, bring them peace and healing. Things happen when we have belief in ourselves and in God. Strong faith can enable us to meet and overcome difficulties, in ways that waverers cannot do.
Perhaps you have had experience of this?

3. The ascension marked the end of the visible presence of Jesus with the disciples, but he was with them in other ways. ‘The Lord worked with them.’

Sometimes we can experience that death is not the end of the presence of someone significant to us. We can experience the unseen presence and influence of a parent, a friend or an inspiring leader, after they have
Has this happened for you? Have you also experienced the hidden presence of the Lord working with you?

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