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The Word This Week ~ 3 May 2015

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First Reading: Acts 9:26-31

Poor Paul! Talk about giving a dog a bad name that sticks. He is lucky man to have Barnabas at his side to bat for him.
A question you might ask yourself today is ‘who has been Barnabas in my life? Who has loved me in spite of my sinfulness, faults and failings? Who has given me the courage to speak out boldly in the name of the Lord?’

Second Reading: 1 John 3: 18-24

The theme of boldness is presented to us again. We are called not just to talk the talk but walk the walk, to put our money where our mouth is and love in a radical way? What is this radical way? It knows that true love is not just moonlight and roses, but hard graft and sacrifice. Life can be messy sometimes. The commandments are a signpost

Gospel Reading: John 15:1-8

Our art teacher, when I was in school was very fond of reminding us that you can’t just rush at a canvas. You can’t fling paint with wild abandon in the style of Jackson Pollack or Wassily Kandinsky. You need to learn basic techniques and hone your craft with great dedication and purpose. You have to build up a portfolio and decide what to include in it. Natural talent will only get you so far. If you do decide to throw paint after all that, it is paint throwing with purpose. Bearing fruit is a lengthy process. Some vines are twining or scrambling, some climb by aerial rootlets and some by
means of tendrils. All need to be trained and pruned.

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