The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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1 Our relationship with those ‘in charge’ of us changes when we sense that not only are they in charge, but they care. Remember the difference that made for you as a child, and give thanks for the caring adults who were part of your life.

2 The good shepherd ‘lays down his life for the sheep’. When has your care for another led you to ‘lay down your life’ for that person, e.g., as a friend, parent, spouse, son or daughter? When you have known another to do this for you?

3 Jesus speaks of the freedom of the Good Shepherd in laying down his life. Faced with the needs of others, we can at times feel trapped into looking
after them, caught by duty, obligation or guilt. We can become like the hired hands who do a job without care for the person. Perhaps you have
experienced both attitudes, caring for others under duress and by free choice. What difference did it make when you chose to care for the other, even in circumstances where you had little option?

4 What do these experiences of love and care in human relationships reveal to you about God’s love for you?

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