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The Word This Week ~ 19 April 2015

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First Reading: Acts 3:13-15, 17-19

In this reading we see how God intervenes in history. It was God who raised Jesus from the dead; and it is this fact to which the disciples bear witness. Those present had been witness to that same power acting again as
Peter healed a man who was unable to walk through the power of Jesus of Nazareth. Where do we see the power of God at work in the world?

Second Reading 1 John 2:1-5

At the beginning of his letter, John speaks a lot of the relationship between the way we live our life and our intimate relationship with God and with each other. He says that he is proclaiming to his readers what he has
seen and heard so that they might have fellowship with him and with Jesus and the father. Truth and living in Godís reality is intricately bound up with our relationship. Intimate fellowship only happens in the truth.

Gospel Reading Luke 24: 35-48

This passage recounts the second resurrection appearance of Jesus in Luke. Like the account of the journey to Emmaus, it is remarkable that Jesusí appearance has changed post - resurrection to the extent that the disciples, his closest companions for the past three years, do not immediately recognise him. The consumption of a piece of fish puts an end to their disbelieving and wonder. Jesus then takes the time to explain the scriptures to his disciples, before charging the disciples to be his witness in the world. The link to the Scriptures of Israel is very important, as it the temple, where the narrative of the Gospel begins and ends. The Christians Way is presented as being in total continuity with Judaism.

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