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God Is Good.

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A long time ago in a far distant land there is a story told about a King with a very weak faith in God, but he had a servant who was continually telling him how good God really was. Sometimes he would say to his King, “My lord King, do not be discouraged, as God only works for our good and
he is never wrong in anything he does.” Then one day as the King and his servant were out hunting, the King was attacked by a wild boar, the servant managed to kill the boar, but not before it had bitten off one of the King’s fingers. The King cried out in pain saying, “How can God possibly be good I’ve been attacked and had my finger bitten off and he’s done nothing at all about it.” The servant replied, “My Lord King perhaps losing your finger in this way was possibly for your own good, as God never makes mistakes”. The King was beside himself with rage and upon returning to his castle, he had the unfortunate servant thrown into the dungeons and tortured.

Sometime later the King was again out hunting when his hunting party was attacked by a vicious tribe of cannibals and without his trusty servant, when they all fled and left him, he had no one to protect him and he was seized, bound and taken back to their camp. This wasn't quite his day as
the tribe of cannibals also used to offer up human sacrifices to their God before eating them. As he was being prepared by the tribal priest they noticed he had a missing finger and the priest declared, “This man is defective and sacrificing him would be an insult to our God” and so the King was released.

On returning to his castle, he had the hunting party that had abandoned him thrown into his dungeons and his trusty servant released. He sent for his servant and said, ”You were right all the time, God saved me today, but I don’t understand why he allowed you to be unjustly imprisoned by me.” The servant smiled and replied, “My Lord King, if I had not been imprisoned by
you, then I would have been out hunting with your majesty and I would probably have been captured also and would most certainly have been sacrificed, because I have all of my fingers.”

The King never again doubted the words of his servant that God was indeed good and that he never makes mistakes.

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be quite certain of improving and that’s your own self.”

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