The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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Members of the Committee

Chair : Kieran Preston

Parish Priest : Fr Paul Fisher

Philip Dyson, Ann McMullan, Liz Hewitt


The Finance Committee has at least 4 Ordinary Meetings a year together with additional meetings as required.

Role and Duties

The role of the Committee is prescribed by the Diocese. Its key purpose is to ‘support and advise’ the parish priest in financial matters.


The preparation of annual revenue and capital budgets and cashflow forecast.


Preparation of quarterly and annual accounts. Annual accounts must be published in the parish and submitted to the Diocesan Finance Office.

Property and Consultation

The Finance Committee must be consulted on the maintenance requirements of parish property and on any substantial, non routine, expenditure.

Major Challenge

A major challenge for the Committee is to ensure a balanced budget with controlled expenditure not exceeding available resources. With congregation numbers declining, opportunities for revenue growth through collections is limited yet expenditure levels continue to rise particularly in the areas of property maintenance and energy costs.

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