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8th Seacroft (St. Gregory’s) Brownies

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The girls looked at what foods are good and bad for us, planned a healthy packed lunch and brought it in for the next meeting to eat it. They took home a food diary to record how many healthy foods they were eating. They also played some fast and energetic games.

For the next part of the badge we looked at the different organs in the body and what they are used for (girls modelled pictures of different organs on which part of the body they went). For our healthy meeting we made fruit smoothies! These went down a treat, very yummy!

British Heart Foundation LogoOn 19th January St. Gregory's Brownies took part in the British Heart Foundation Jump Rope Challenge! We started with warm up exercises and learnt how to take our pulse. Girls skipped in the meeting, learning different styles and had lots of fun! So far we have raised almost £300.

In the next meeting we had a visit from Heart Research UK and the Brownies took part in a game show evening based on 'Healthy Heart'. There were lots of cheers and excitement!

The following week we had an Agility night, with lots of exercise activities! The Brownies were certainly tired at the end of that meeting!!

Finally, in our last meeting, we looked at Asthma and Allergies and how they affect the lives of people every day. Two of our Brownies, Millie and Katie, gave a talk on the kind of allergies they have and how they affect them every day.

Brownies also learnt about Asthma and how to deal with someone who has an Asthma attack. We did an activity called 'Sponge Lungs'; we made 'mucus' (phlegm) !!! yuck! but the girls loved it!! We also did an activity called 'catch your breath'.

Happy Waving HeartThe girls and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about being healthy!

Well done everyone!

Ruth Walker

Published Sat 28th Mar 2015 00:58:48
Last Modified on Sat 28th Mar 2015 02:42:45

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