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Excuses, excuses

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Weíve all had that uncomfortable feeling havenít we? Seeing someone needy, or someone requiring a lift on a wet day. Weíre unsure what to do. Stop and help or just move on? Hovering between anger at our routine being disrupted and guilt. We rationalise that someone with more time will come by. We move on and try to forget about it.

We even make mental calculations
  1. This is the worst possible timing. (When is a convenient time?)
  2. Maybe these people deserve their fate. (Perhaps, but judgement is Godís turf.)
  3. This will cost me, time certainly, even money. (Youíre right; some people caught in a downward spiral can become desperate, clutching and manipulative.)
  4. Iím uncomfortable around these kinds of people. (But everyone, high and low, is created in the image of God and deserving your respect.)
  5. Will my help make a difference?

Suppose Jesus thought along similar lines:

Dear Heavenly Father, I donít want to invest 33 years of my life with a group of sinners, who deserve their fate but not compassion and who will crucify me. Will my life make a difference - theyíre so hard-hearted?

Thankfully he didnít object to serving us - will you?

Published Sat 28th Mar 2015 00:56:09
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