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Saint John Henry Newman

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John 3:14-21

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1. Jesus speaks of himself being lifted up, a term that can mean a physical lifting, or also exaltation. By this play on words the evangelist explains to us that Jesusí gift of himself in the passion was a glorious revelation of love, despite all its injustice and brutality. Bring to mind occasions when the love shown by Jesus in his passion was a sacrament of Godís love for you.

2. It would be very cushy for us if we could be a source of life to others without cost to ourselves. The true life-givers know that they need the
generosity of being lifted up by giving their lives so that others may have life. Recall when you have had that generosity and give thanks for others who have been like that for you.

3. We receive life from God when our faith enables us to trust in Godís love for us. We give life to one another when the love between us is trustworthy.
Recall memories of that kind of trustworthy love. For whom have you been able to be a ĎJesus personí and give a love that another could trust? Who has shown that kind of love to you and been for you a sacrament of Godís love?

Published Sun 15th Mar 2015 20:36:20

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