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APF - Mill Hill

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The APF-Mill Hill (Red Boxes)

The APF "The Association for the Propagation of Faith" - Pope Pius XI made it the official Mission-funding Society for the Catholic Church and together with the Mill Hill Missionary Society they serve those most in need throughout the world, both spiritually and materially. Many of the churches supported by red box funds are young, face extreme difficulties and urgently need out prayers and continued support.

The iconic "RED BOXES" are a simple way for Catholics to play an active role in the Missionary activity of the Church. The Parish of the Blessed John Henry Newman has a long tradition of support and during 2014 we collected and donated over £5,000 to the funds of the Society.

You too can contribute to the work of the APF by having a Red Box in your home, making a Quarterly or Annual Donation or simply a Donation.

For further information contact you local secretary at the Parish Office.


Registered Charities: 1056651 & 220690

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