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Eucharistic Ministers

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 Eucharistic MinistersEucharistic Ministers were first introduced into the parish in December 1981.

Initially they assisted the priest to distribute the sacred host. When the opportunity to receive the precious Blood was introduced some years later more people were needed to assist the priest.

Today over the whole parish we have over 80 ministers.

This may seem a lot but at Sunday Masses alone we require about 33 ministers each week to assist with the distribution of Holy Communion.

As well as assisting on the altar a vital part of a Eucharistic Ministerís role is to take Communion to the sick and housebound. The priest cannot visit these people each week and therefore the visit of a Eucharistic Minister is a way the sick and housebound can receive Holy Communion and also keep in touch with parish life. If the priest is aware of any sick or housebound person then they will receive a visit from a Eucharistic Minister each week. This is usually on a Sunday morning or at a time which suits the person and the Minister.

As the population of the parish is getting older, ministers will be called upon to visit the sick and housebound more. If you would like to be a minister or may have been a minister in a former parish please consider offering your services. This can be in any of our three churches in the parish.

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