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The Word This Week ~ 22nd February 2015

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First reading: Genesis 9:8-15

Godís covenant with the earth and all its people was the beautiful rainbow. In folklore, crocks of gold lie at the foot of a rainbow and Dorothy sang that somewhere over the rainbow all her dreams would come true. These signs of great reward and hope may be misplaced but not untrue - The rainbow is a great sign of hope; it symbolises new life, new hope and the forgiveness of sins. A great rainbow can take your breath away but it is only a small glimpse into the great expanse of Godís love.

Second Reading 1 Peter 3:18-22

In the Second Reading we are reminded of our baptismal calling and putting our belief in Christ has to affect how we live. His great act of love on the cross was for each one of us to lead us to God. Reflecting on this love, our reply can only be to repay that as best we can, remembering 'as long as you have done this to the least of my brothers and sisters you have done it into me.' The old proverb is very true - The best thing to sleep on is a clear conscience.

Gospel Reading Mark 1:12-15

This week we began the season of Lent and we hear of Jesus being guarded by the angels in the wilderness. Each of us have our own guardian angel and some of the writings of St Pio about guardian angels are very humbling: ĎDo not forget this invisible companion, always present to listen to you; always ready to console you... For people that live alone there is a Guardian Angel... Invoke your Guardian Angel that he will illuminate you and will guide you. God has given him to you for this reason. Therefore use him!í As a child many of us were taught this lovely little prayer 'O Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom Godís love commits me here, evert this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.'

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