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Face The Music.

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I'm sure we are all familiar with the old saying, “Tell the truth and shame the devil.” But why is it so important to tell the truth? Because if we don’t we lose our integrity, although there is a grey area when we hide the truth in order to save someone from being hurt.

Many years ago when China was ruled by powerful Emperor’s, a man who couldn't play a note of music or any musical instruments, conned his way into the well paid position of playing in the Emperor’s orchestra. Whenever the group held a rehearsal, or gave a concert for the Emperor, the man would sit at the back of the orchestra with his flute against his lips pretending to play, but making no sound. As a member of this prodigious orchestra, the man received a very generous salary, admiration from his peers and enjoyed a comfortable living for quite a number of years.

Disaster struck one day when the Emperor requested a solo performance from each member of the orchestra. The fake flautist panicked, as there wasn't enough time to learn to play his instrument, so he took to his bed and pretended to be sick. Unfortunately for him, the concerned Emperor sent the royal physician to examine the man, but he wasn't fooled and after examining him, he declared him fit to play.

On the day the man was due to give his solo performance before his Emperor and knowing he would be exposed as an imposter and suffer disgrace, the man took poison and killed himself. His suicide led to a new phrase appearing in the English language:- “He refused to face the music".

The cure for deceit, lies and cover-ups, is always the same. We must always, “Face the music,” no matter how hard this is and tell the truth. For this is the only way we will ever achieve true peace of mind.

“The breadth, scope and power of life, lies in its mystery and in its inspiration.
When we contemplate and ponder mysteries, we get in touch with our spiritual being.”

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