The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Parish Pastoral Council for Blessed John Henry Newman 22nd January 2015

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Meeting was chaired by Philip Dyson (Deputy Chair).

The meeting started with a prayer from Fr Paul.
Apologies: from Angela de Rosier, Marion Waller, Liza Valentine-Jonsson, Fr. Grebreyesus

Chair welcomed the new members, Josephine Abbey- Philips and Sheelagh Pickles who was re-elected.
All members introduced themselves.

Philip Dyson recommended Sheelagh Pickles be re elected as Chair person and asked if any other person wanted to stand. Sheelagh was voted in as chairperson and duly took the chair for the remainder of the meeting.

Previous minutes:

  • A spelling error was in the previous minutes. Eamonn McGee’s surname was incorrectly spelt. Apologies to Eamonn.
  • The minutes were accepted as correct.

Matters arising from the minutes:

  • No matters arising that were not on the agenda.

Agenda items:

Youth & Family Ministry Update:

  • PB reported that the next group meeting is on Tuesday 27th January.
  • PB has been asked to circulate the PPC members with a copy of the minutes from the meeting.
  • No action points will be noted in future PPC minutes as these are action points for the Youth & Family meeting.
  • PB has been asked the arrange the group’s future meeting to be before the PPC meeting so that up to date feedback is available for the PPC meeting.
  • A report on the funds held aside for the youth worker is to be issued to the parish over the weekend 24th / 25th January advising the parishioners of how these funds are to be used in the future. Also parishioners are to be asked to consider supporting the Youth & Family Ministry or re instating their cancelled standing orders.


  • It has been suggested that rather than undertake a house to house visit in the St Gregory’s end of the parish a visitation to all the families of the children who are to receive their First Holy Communion would be more productive. There are about 80 families across the parish. It has also been suggested that the families of the reception classes of both primary schools be visited.
  • A further list to visit could be all those who have had their children baptised over recent months.
  • Philip Dyson is to contact Eamonn McGee and arrange a meeting between PD/EMcG/PF to explain the new plan. Action point PD
  • The possible Leaflet drop in the new estate in the old Barnbow site was discussed at a recent Ministers meeting between St James Manston & Crossgates Methodist churches and ourselves. Further action to be deferred this until next Ministers meeting. Action point PF


  • The Electrical Survey on all our parish properties has been completed. The reports have highlighted a lot of essential work that is needed to bring the wiring up to standard and where work needs to be done in the near future. As we now have these reports action must to be taken as we are aware of what is required. It is estimated that the work could cost about £47k. The Property & Finance committees have approached the Diocese for some money from our central fund. This is to be brought to the Diocesan Committee meeting at the end of January.
  • Incorporated in the Youth Ministry report will be a report advising parishioner of the electrical reports and costs and appealing for an increase in income.

Leeds Citizens – Update re parish commitment

  • Deacon Sean advised that he has recruited 6 parishioners to be involved in this Listening Campaign. There is a training meeting on Saturday 31 st January; others via the bulletin will be invited to join the 6 people.
  • If the parish decides to join this project there is a financial implication. The amount is not yet known, but will be in excess of £750.
  • A number of churches, including St Augustine’s, have already committed. It is possible that 3 Catholic parishes could be involved. Over 30 Companies/organisations have already committed their support.

AGM Open meeting 21st June 2014 Feedback:

Following from the AGM the next priority to look at is music within our churches.
  • An appeal via the bulletin for musicians who play any instrument in the parish. This would enhance and lead the singing in church. Action Point PF
  • Again a workshop was suggested if we can get more musicians.
  • All 3 churches should be encouraged to learn new Mass settings.
  • It was suggested that may be we contact Leeds College of Music. Fr Paul to speak with Mgr. Philip Moger of the Cathedral. Action Point PF
  • The AGM for this year will be on Saturday 4th July. Action Point - Place on next meeting agenda.

Developing Parish Communications

Prior to the PPC meeting the members were again asked to look at the parish website and bring their feedback to the meeting. The following comments were made:
  • Still out of date items on the site.
  • The website would benefit from the use of more photos/colour
  • Not updated often enough
  • Youth Ministry section is out of date
  • Someone who knows and can help to bring the site to be more attractive to viewers.
  • Easier user friendly. More simple links.
  • A letter to all groups within the parish requesting a brief outline of their group and pictures if possible. Action point SP/MG


Marriage & Family Life – Pope Francis recent Synod paper.
  • The Bishop has asked that we consider the recent paper and work though it in the parish. This needs time to read and consider and as time was short this will be added to the next meeting and possibly invite some people involved with Marriage & Family to the next meeting. Action Point - Place on next meeting agenda.

Parish covenants.

  • The annual donation - 2 charities 1 at home and 1 abroad.
  • It was talked about whether we should be giving funds away while asking for more support from parishioners.
  • It was also suggested that if the parish were to join Leeds Citizens Group the covenant funds could cover this. No decision was agreed and this to be an Action Point - Place on next meeting agenda.

PPC Members Action Point:

Prior to the next meeting the members were asked by the Chair to read the Foundation Document on the purpose of a Parish Pastoral Council.

Future meetings
19th March - 7.00pm
14th May - 7.00pm
16th July - 7.00pm
17th September - 7.00pm
12th November - 7.00pm
21st January 2016 - 7.00pm
Chair – Sheelagh Pickles
Prayers for the March meeting to be prepared by –Sr. Nora
PPC Reflection Hour and Social gathering 11th June 2015 7.00pm

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