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Mothers' Prayers

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"Mothers' Prayers" was launched in England in 1995 when two grandmothers felt led by the Lord to pray in a special way for their children.

Through prayer they learned that Jesus wishes all mothers to surrender their children into His care, to take away pain from the mothers and to pour blessings on their children.

"Mothers' Prayers" groups are now in over 80 countries throughout the world, and there have been many wonderful answers to prayers.

A prayer group may be started with only two mothers, with a maximum of eight. Usually members meet every week. They obey the strict rule of confidentiality and anything said at the meeting must never be repeated.

The "Mothers' Prayers" group meets every Tuesday, apart from school holidays, at 2pm in the lounge at the Newman Centre, Station Road.

For more information contact Tel: 2643506

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