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Children's Liturgy

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Children's liturgy takes place during school term every Sunday at the family 10.15 mass at St Theresa's for primary school aged children.

The children attend mass with their families and after the initial greeting from the priest, the children are invited to attend their own gospel and the priest gives us the children's bible to read from.
The main objective is to explain the gospel at a level the children can understand. We follow the same gospel as in the missal and we read the gospel, sing songs and discuss with the children the main points of the gospel, this is followed by activities to help with the understanding and teaching of the gospel.
After the priest has finished his sermon to the congregation, the alter servers call us back in, where we present the offertory gifts , collection and also share with the priest and congregation what the group have been doing. This takes about 15 minutes in total of the mass so a lot to cram in.

The liturgy group are volunteers including mums, dads and grandparents who take turns in delivering the reading, organising the activities and selecting the children for the main offertory gifts of Bread and Wine.
We currently have about 7 volunteers but are always looking for new members who can spare time to bring the gospel to life through activities for the children.

for further details call into the parish office and leave your details. We will contact you accordingly.

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