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Fr. Emmanuel - A Biography

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 Fr. Emmanuel
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Fr. Emmanuel
My name is Emmanuel Osondu Adindu. I was born during the civil war in Nigeria; this is what informed my middle name (Born to survive). I am the fifth born child in a family of eight, five boys and three girls. My father died a little early and that posed a great challenge to my upbringing; early in life I wanted to go to the minor seminary to help me discern my vocation to the Priesthood; this I could not do because of lack of finances. After secondary school, I went to live with a priest as a house boy and cook. After staying three years with this Priest, I left him and became a volunteer teacher in my Alma mater.

The major turning point in my life was when I applied to the National Missionary Seminary of St. Paul for formation as a Missionary Priest. It was a significant moment in my life because of the circumstances that led to my application and because, out of the over one thousand candidates who applied for consideration, I was among the few (18 candidates) that were selected from all over the country.

Going to the Spiritual year house of formation and eventually to the major Seminary was a new dawn in my life. It was a step forward considering my poor background. It was so sweet and memorable being a senior seminarian. However, challenges were still there, both financially and family wise. My nine years in the senior seminary exposed me more to life and afforded me the opportunity of learning about Nigeria as a multi-cultural society, and knowing and appreciating people of other ethnic groups.

After obtaining a certificate in Philosophy and a degree in theology from the Pontifical Urban University Rome, I was ordained a Priest for the Missions on 7th July 2001 by Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza of the Archdiocese of Texas, USA.

I worked in the Archdiocese of Onitsha as an assistant Priest for two years. In 2003 I was posted to Malawi Mission. I worked in this Mission as a Parish Priest for eleven years. While in Malawi, I was privileged to work with people living with HIV/AIDS. I worked to improve the quality of the lives of poor, malnourished and vulnerable children. I also worked to economically empower the people.

As a person I like to be happy and I like people around me to be happy too; that is why my motto is,’ gladness of heart is life to everyone; joy is what gives length of days.’ I like singing, it makes me extra happy. I like watching football and I like being good to people. I like taking my time in doing things. I believe that God favours me a lot.

Coming to the UK is a thing of joy for me and an opportunity to know more. When I tend to compare Malawi and UK I feel there is no basis for comparisons. It’s like moving from one extreme part of the world to another.

As a Missionary my target is to be privileged to win at least one Soul for God.

Fr. Emmanuel

Published Fri 13th Feb 2015 13:52:04

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