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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospel ~ Mark 1:14-20

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1 ‘The time is fulfilled’ – this is a decisive moment in the life of Jesus. His public ministry is about to begin.
Recall turning points in your own life when something new happened and with hindsight you can say the time was ripe for it to happen, ‘the time was fulfilled’.

2 ‘Repent and believe the good news’. Jesus called for a change of heart, as a response to the gospel message. A new level of faith in yourself leads to a new way of seeing yourself. A new way of understanding God leads to a conversion in how we relate to God, a change of heart. A growth in awareness of who we are can lead us to a new level of self-confidence, another change of heart.
Can you recall times when ‘good news’ led you to a change of heart?

3 The Spirit of God who was at work in Jesus calling the disciples continues to work in our day and in our lives. That is why the gospel message is one of GOOD NEWS. In the everyday events of our own lives we can see the grace of God at work.
When have you had what you would consider a ‘call experience’ that led you to a different style of life? Who was the ‘Jesus person’ through whom the call came to you?
To whom have you been a ‘Jesus person’ in this way?

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