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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospel ~ Mark 1:7-11

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1. John gives an example of humility as a person confident in his own role but not seeking to claim to be more than he is. He is able to acknowledge that Jesus is greater. There is a freedom in being able to acknowledge the gifts of others without losing a sense of one’s own giftedness.
Recall times when you were able to do this.

2. The baptism of Jesus was an extraordinary religious experience for him. Something happened that was a major step forward for Jesus in coming to know that he was the beloved Son of God. We all have events in our lives that are milestones along the road of discovering who we are.
What have been these milestones for you?

3. ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.’ Bring to mind memories of experiences in which you knew you were the beloved (of God or of another person) and that the one who loved you was well pleased.
Bring these experiences to mind with gratitude, knowing that the only proper response to love received is thankfulness. Perhaps you have also given that experience to another.

4. Let the symbols in the story speak to you:
a) The heavens torn apart;
b) The Spirit coming down;
c) A voice speaking from heaven.
All suggest that barriers between God and us are no more and God is reaching out to us.
When have you had that experience of the closeness of God: perhaps watching a sunset, hearing bird-song, or in prayer?

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