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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospel ~ Luke 1:22-40

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1 What started out as an ordinary day for Joseph and Mary turned out to be a day with an encounter they would remember for a long time.
Perhaps you too have had significant encounters on what you expected to be just an ordinary day?

2 Simeon gave thanks because his eyes saw the salvation God had prepared. In what ways have you experienced Godís salvation in your life: an experience of being loved, or discovering a sense of purpose in life, or being touched by the wonders of creation? Give thanks for those memories.

3 Simeon also acknowledged that not all would accept the light that would shine through Jesus, and this rejection would be a cause of pain to Mary. It can be a source of pain to parents, teachers, church ministers, and all who work for others when some reject values, projects, advice which would be for their good. Perhaps a sword has sometimes pierced your soul as well. What has helped you to maintain hope in such times?

4 The final sentence speaks of Jesus as one who grew and became strong and was filled with wisdom. What has helped you to grow in wisdom? Have you seen others grow in wisdom through the experience of life? Recall times when you had a sense of growing up in some way. What brought that about? Think also of how you have seen growth in another person.

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