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The Crib to Cross

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Smiling face of Christmas morn,
today the Son of God is born.
A boy before the manger stands
his eyes transfixed and prayerful hands.
With ox and ass and shepherd lowly,
the angels, kings and virgin holy.
The crib it tells the Christmas scene.
The boy looks on, what does it mean?

For confused gaze of two deep stories,
is birth or death this Christmas glory?
For in this Church the cross on high,
looks down on crib with tearful eye
‘Glory to God and peace upon earth’
the angel’s announced to expect of his birth.
Yet is this peace upon the tree,
a man has died for you and me

The price of peace, its cost is high
That this small babe would have to die.
Yet crib to cross it had to be
from sin and death to set us free.
All heaven sings this Christmas morning,
for it can see this new life dawning,
upon the babe, that pure face smiling
begins the work of reconciling

As this young babe begins to grow
he’ll teach us what of God to know.
And Christ will show us how to live,
to love, to care and hurt forgive
So little child this Christmas day,
as you gaze and watch and pray
remember that its love you see
in both the crib and on the tree

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