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Have you noticed how many times we all make excuses for our actions? But are we being really honest, with ourselves or are we living on a different planet to everyone else?

If we are late for an appointment, late for work or late for Mass, it is never our fault. The bus was late, the car wouldn't start or we got stuck in traffic are popular excuses, but we are never at fault.

When someone else takes a long time to perform a task, then they are being unusually slow. But when we take the same amount of time to perform the same task, then we are being very thorough.

When someone else states their opinion rather forcefully, then they are being pig headed. Whilst we on the other hand are showing firm leadership in a difficult situation.

When they overlook some of the laid down rules, either at work or driving their car then they are considered to be entirely foolhardy. But when we do the same we are showing everyone how confident we are in ourselves and our abilities.

When they make mistakes, then “they deserve all they get.” On the very rare occasion that we make mistakes, then “it’s all down to sheer bad luck.”

When they can’t make up their mind about an important issue, they are classed as being dithers. But we on the other hand are being our usual impartial self and are carefully weighing up all the options before we
commit ourselves to a final decision.

I can recognise myself in most of these situations.....can you?

“It is far better to admit making a mistake than to persist in it and allow it to develop into a nightmare.
We have to learn to accept responsibility, find out what’s wrong and then go about fixing it.”

Published Sat 13th Dec 2014 19:19:06

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