The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Parish Pastoral Council for Blessed John Henry Newman 20th November 2014

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Meeting was chaired by Sheelagh Pickles.
The meeting started with a prayer prepared by Marion Waller.
Apologies: from Sr. Nora, Deacon Sean, and Deacon Tom.

Previous minutes:

The minutes from the September meeting had 1 amendment. The SVP group at Corpus Christi have a total of 10 members including those from St Theresa’s and St Gregory’s SVP groups. The remaining minutes were agreed to be correct.

Matters arising from the minutes:

Youth & Family Ministry Update:

  • Patrick Bradley informed the PPC that the Group had another meeting on the 13th November. The meeting was well attended with 18 present. The young people present were down from 12 to 7 on the last meeting. The meeting was very lively and everyone has plenty of input to the meeting.
  • At the previous meeting it was decided not to proceed to employ a Youth Minister/Coordinator. A statement to the parish needs to be issued as soon as possible thanking those who continue to pay the monthly donation and explain that the accumulated funds are ring fenced for Youth activities. . Action point PB/Fr.P.
  • The young people arranged a meeting to plan a Youth Council. Unfortunately this had to be postponed but will take place in the New Year with the help of Helen Hayden. Action point.
  • A Children’s Mass has been arranged for 30th November in St Theresa’s church and a letter to all new entrants at St Theresa’s & Corpus Christi primary schools inviting them to the Mass has been sent. The following one will be in March at St Gregory’s, then in the summer term at Corpus Christi. Mary Bradley to liaise with Wendy Walsh CC primary Head to plan this. Action point.
  • Alan Robinson advised the Group the SVP are to start “Mini Vinnie’s” = SVP aimed at school children. Gaynor Markham is promoting this within the schools within our Deanery.
  • A hand-out has been left in our churches inviting children from year 4/5/6 to come along to the Wednesday group FLEA meetings. This name of the group is up for debate.
  • The next meeting will be in early January 2015. Action point

A phrase from the meeting was “Simple to young people - Adults slower to get the point”.

Corpus Christi Hall:

  • Corpus Christi College have still not confirmed what their needs for the hall in future will be.
  • If they decide to take the full use of the hall then the Diocese will be involved regarding a lease.
  • No new bookings are being taken from outside users for the hall except the 2 existing users.


  • It is hoped to carry out a visit in St Gregory’s end of the parish from April 2015. This will be from house to house like that undertaken in the Corpus Christi area in 2013.
  • Eamonn McGhee is happy to coordinate the visiting from Easter to Pentecost. A meeting to be arranged in January of those who visited last time and anyone interested in visiting. It is hoped more will come forward. Action point
  • The possible Leaflet drop in the new estate in the old Barnbow site has been deferred to the next meeting. Action point


  • The car park at the Newman Centre has been resurfaced. There is a shortfall of approximately £3k to cover the cost but this should be covered before this financial year end.
  • The Electrical Survey on all our parish properties is nearing completion we are only awaiting the written report on Corpus Christi church. The reports have highlighted a lot of essential work that is needed to bring the wiring up to standard and where work needs to be done in the near future. As we now have these reports action must to be taken as we are aware of what is required. It is estimated that the work could cost about £40k. The Property & Finance committees are looking at approaching the Diocese for some money from our central fund.
  • At the last Finance committee meeting the Property committee where given a budget of £25k for this financial year. The Property Committee have exceeded this figure by approximately £8k. This is to be discussed at the next Finance meeting on the 26th November.
  • The Diocese arranged a Healthy & Safety check across the parish in June 2014. We are still awaiting their report. A few issued were raised at the time involving Corpus Christi church and these have been dealt with.
  • Following the Finance Committee meeting it may be necessary to appeal for an increase in income.

Leeds Citizens – Update re parish commitment

Deacon Sean was not present at the meeting so this will be carried forward to the next meeting.
The Chair informed the meeting that there is a meeting on the 27th November at Notre Dame College.

AGM Open meeting 21st June Feedback:

Following from the AGM the next priority to look at is music within our churches.
  • Singing is double prayer.
  • Only need 1 /2 people to lead the congregation in singing.
  • Concern about the lack of music at St Theresa’s 10.15am Mass.
  • The people should be taught to sing the Mass part. Start with 1 per week. This should not lengthen the Masses.
  • Corpus Christi doesn’t have an organist at 10.30am but they have a choir.
  • St Gregory’s have someone to play and lead the singing.
  • The way forward could be :
    1. Workshop for People willing to play / lead singing at all our churches.
    2. Appeal for musicians
    3. Educate / instruct the people via the weekly bulletin
    4. Weekly teaching of a Mass part so all churches are using the same Mass setting.

PPC Elections

At the end of this year 1 member of the PPC from each of our churches is required to step down. Each person can sit on the PPC for 3 years then must step down but can be re-elected for a further period of 3 years.
St Gregory’s – Christina Hamilton resigned from the PPC as she is moving to live across Leeds.
Corpus Christi – John Kilcoyne resigned due to personal commitments.
Neither of the above members wishes to stand for re-election.
St Theresa’s – it was decided between Patrick Bradley and Sheelagh Pickles that Sheelagh would step down but she has chosen to stand for re-election.
Notice to appear in the bulletin to ask for nominees from each of our churches for people to sit on the PPC. The nominees but have a nominator.
Names to be handed in to the office by 14th December and voting will take place on the 4th & 11th January.
New members will be invited to the first meeting on the 22ndJanuary 2015.
The Chair thanked Christina and John for their service on the PPC. Philip Dyson then thanked Sheelagh for her service and that of taking the chair during 2014.


Thanks were extended to Fr Ghebreyesus for encouraging the 2 boys at Corpus Christi to start serving Mass. It is hoped more will follow them. Thanks to Tony Ware who is giving up his duties although temporarily at St Theresa’s to train these boys.

Next meeting 22nd January 2015 at 7.00pm
Chair – TBA following elections
Prayers to be prepared by – Angela de Rosier

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